• twin bed
  • 2 armchairs
  • Kitchen with 4-burner stove and refrigerator (fully equipped with pans / dishes / cutlery / cups and glasses)
  • Dining table with 2 bar stools
  • Covered balcony
  • Terrace with patio furniture and fire pit



Prices 2020


Rates for “Maringotka” (including 2 Persons) in 2020:

Per night:
1000,- Kc
6.250,- Kc
Per night:
1.500,- Kc
7.750,- Kc
 Mandatory cleaning fees
350,- Kč
2.000,- Kč
Optionally, bed linen (duvets + cover + cushions) if desired
per person


150,- Kč

Cost do not include 22,- Kč   p.p.p.n. tourist tax.


For the rates for adding an extra tent and for extra persons, please take a look at the PRICES page.

Cancellation insurance conditions:
We offer our guests the opportunity to participate in a cancellation insurance policy.
The cost is 5% of the total booking or invoice amount excluding tourist tax. There are no further costs.
Should the holiday be canceled due to one of the following conditions and/or causes, the lost days will be fully refunded less the 5% of participation costs in the policy.


• Serious illness or death of yourself.
• Serious illness or death of your partner or child.
• Serious illness or death of persons who are or would go on holiday together with you.
• Serious illness or death of parents / in-laws.
• Serious illness or death of brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law or grandchildren.


In order to claim compensation from the cancellation insurance, a medical certificate must be provided in all cases concerning the illness or death.
Participation in the cancellation insurance can only be accepted if the participation was entered immediately upon reservation or within 10 days after the reservation date.
Without participation in the cancellation insurance, no refund will be paid for paid accommodation costs.
If you indicate, when booking, you want to participate in the cancellation insurance, you agree to the above rules.

The prices are excluding tourist tax of 18.00 Kč per person per day.


For the rates for placing an extra tent and for extra persons, please take a look at the PRICES page.


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